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Painter, poet, printmaker, performer


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Mr Gravel


Jesus shares a picnic with his friends



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Jesus and the Goths series

After the rain


After the rain came,

the bare patches of earth

dressed themselves

in beards of green; offspring

of the thousands of seeds

which the lawn had prudently

placed in reserve

for just such an occasion.



with seeds hidden deep,

we yearn for the green shoots

of the inevitable kingdom

that Jesus assured us

is only a shower away.

So we wait for the Spirit

to drench the earth.

Close the blinds, Dear.


A Venetian was selling some blinds;

“They are marvellous things!” said he.

“Just put them inside of your mind;

you’ll be surprised at what you can’t see.


“We supplied a fine set to the PM,

the Premier and Treasurer too.

Here are testimonials from them,

telling what they have screened from their view.


“My eyes used to give me such trouble

with the news and the current affairs,

My blinds did their trick at the double,

while I reclined in my favourite chair.


“My beautiful blinds are impressive;

I can see no-one homeless or strange,

none weeping, nor persons depressive;

and they come in a full colour range.


“There are no better blinds in the country;

we are giving them out at half price!

They come with a ten-year guarantee

that they’ll keep your life pleasantly nice.”


Acrylic on board


In 2010

I turned sixty.

I have gathered some thoughts together,

for any who may be interested.

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Ken posts new poems regularly on the Presbytery Blogsite.

Le Chat

Etching with chine collé

At his relatively advanced stage of life Ken has been making a serious exploration of the visual arts, and is greatly enjoying it!


Ken has been a Minister of the Word with the Uniting Church in Australia since he was ordained in 1986.

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Ken has expressed himself in poetry for much of that time, a good part of it reflecting on the ancient stories of the biblical texts. He includes a page of Seasonal Poems that illuminate the current or impending season in the churches’ year.

Ken has spent recent years exploring his passion for the visual arts, in particular, painting and print-making.

He has worked with puppets for more than a quarter of a century, and also engages people with a gentle clowning ministry as Mr. Gravel.

In his spare time, Ken is a volunteer Chaplain with the North-west Region of the Victorian State Emergency Service. VICSES is a largely volunteer organization with responsibility as combat agency in emergencies such as floods, storm, road accident rescue, and land and urban search. It provides important support to the CFA in major bushfire events.

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Ken Rookes,

Willowra School

PMB 102

Via Alice Springs,

NT 0872




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