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Ken Rookes

Painter, poet, printmaker, performer


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Ken Rookes, Willowra School, PMB 102, Via Alice Springs, NT 0872 Australia †††††††††† ken@kenrookes.com.au

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O Light who is Shining††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† ††††††††††


O† Light who is shining in all the dark places;

shine on me.

and shed your hope upon shadowed faces;

let them see

the love and the courage of one whoís defying

the powers that threaten, the gloom thatís denying

the truth, grace and justice; together defining

the kingdom thatís coming to be.


O Light who is true and cuts through the night-time;

shine in me.

Let love glow warm when weíre worried and frightened

make us free;

for action to end all the fear and the hating,

to touch anxious hearts when love is abating,

to bring on the peace for which all are waiting;

where faith, hope and love abide: three.


O Light who is life for all of creation,

shine through me.

We are the offspring of Loveís celebration;

sent to be -†

the flickering flames of hope where thereís need,

embracing Godís children, regardless of creed.

To gather a harvest, where love is the seed;

we make this our goal and our plea.



words: Ken Rookes

music: Judy & Jessica Chalmers





And hereís the music